July 13, 2021

The current market offers the customer many different vehicle servicing options. The title ‘service’ is variously applied to a wide spectrum of products, spanning everything from a quick oil and filter change to a multi-hour package of logbook checks. Providers typically offer a range of graded service products based on a progression of checklists, with possible further differentiation according to vehicle type. A comparison of the various checklists used by different service providers will of course reveal many common elements, but there is remarkable variation in the quantity and combination of checkpoint items. The observant consumer will note yet more variety in the grade and quantity of engine oil included in the base price of a service – check the small print advising you that there will be additional costs if a larger quantity or higher grade of oil is required. It’s the apples and oranges scenario; as providers describe and package their vehicle services in so many different ways, it is difficult to compare the relative quality and value for money of what’s on offer. To the non-mechanically minded it can be a confusing landscape to navigate as you wonder which items are most important to check and how often.

At Morrison Diesel our vehicle servicing structure is derived from two simple principles: quality and transparency.

With regards quality, we use only superior engine oil and filters in all of our vehicle services. We offer two ‘house oils’, one fully synthetic and one semi-synthetic, both of which are highly regarded, manufacturer-endorsed products. We use the highest quality aftermarket filters, or genuine filters when required for warranty purposes. In contrast to other providers we offer only one comprehensive service option as we are unwilling to compromise on any aspect of safety or vehicle maintenance. Ours is a genuinely comprehensive service, comparable to the more extensive service options listed by some providers. In addition to the standard checks, a significant point of difference is our routine practice of dismantling rear drum brakes, which are checked, cleaned, lubed and adjusted in order to optimise performance and prevent squeaking. As an example of duration, a service on a typical 4×4 vehicle with drum brakes would take in the region of 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  Through conscientious servicing we aim to keep your vehicle running safely, reliably and at peak performance. All of our work comes with a year warranty.

With regards transparency, our pricing structure is based on vehicle type/size and the appropriate grade of oil for the vehicle. For example we are up front about the fact that the vast majority of diesel vehicles take a minimum of 6L of engine oil, ranging up to around 10L for small trucks. An important point to convey is that any later model diesel vehicle (around 2006 onwards) will require a fully synthetic, low SAPS oil in order to prevent blockage of the DPF filter. (With older diesels it is our choice to use a semi-synthetic oil which still offers better fuel economy and engine protection than a mineral oil, but at a competitive price.) We factor the quantity/type of oil and filter required for different vehicles into our servicing structure, meaning that there will be no surprise surcharge for extra oil or a more expensive filter. If a warranty or ‘logbook’ service is required this will not incur any additional charge.  In summary, we endeavour to advertise services that are realistically tailored to certain vehicles and therefore reflect what the customer will actually pay.

We service both petrol and diesel vehicles, and can accommodate vehicles up to the size of light trucks. Our sought after diesel expertise positions us strongly to support local businesses with fleet servicing. If you have any questions regarding our vehicle servicing please do get in touch. We would be happy to discuss ways in which we can support you in keeping your particular vehicle or fleet running reliably on the road.


Morrison Diesel
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